Lustica Peninsula

Dinner at the Lustica village  

Beautiful panoramic view, serenity...

Lustica is a peninsula on the south Adriatic Sea, located at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor also known as the Boka Kotorska or the Boka. It effectively separates Tivat Bay from the Adriatic. The peninsula has an area of 47 km² and is 13 km long. The highest point of the peninsula is Obosnik peak, at 582 m. It has 35 km of coast, which accounts for 12% of Montenegrin coastline. Lustica is divided between the Herceg Novi and Tivat Montenegrin municipalities.

In the past, its inhabitants raised cattle, grape vines and produced olive oil famous for its quality (well-known are cheese soaked in olive oil and olive oil from Lustica).  In 1933 there were 100.000 olive trees planted in Lustica! Each house, at that time, had its own olive mill. In the past, in Lustica lived many ca- ptains and ship owners who bro- ught souvenirs and different objects from their voyages, thus transforming their homes into real museums. Home of our host is not an exception.

This tour is organized purely for re- laxation and recreation in the authe- ntic environment. Montenegro is well known as a country in Europe which, according to the experts, co- nsumes, having in mind the eco- logical aspect, the healthiest food in Europe. Montenegrin cuisine exclu- des the usage of great amount of seasoning that normally gives so- me taste to the artificial food. Montenegrin cuisine does not need this, and those who have tasted local specialties know it and are willing to try new dishes, from fish to popular national steaks.

Domestic products and beverages of Montenegro, evokes nostalgic ti- mes when we ate healthier food and lived healthier.

Night is time when the mood and need for relaxation are brought to maximum and that is why we have decided to organize this tour at night. Beside this, watching the sunset from Lustica is something unique, something that words cannot describe but you simply must experience it.