Rooms & Apartments

Do you want to spend your vacation in peace and tranquility? Are you looking for a place surrounded by greenery or located nearby a beach? You do not wish to spend a big amount for an accommodation? Choose a vacation in a private apartment! 

Renting a room or an apartment in a house is less expensive than the hotel accommodation or renting a villa. On the other hand, rooms and apartments also provide less comfort and privacy.

Apartments usually include bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and optionally a living area, while rooms offer only private bedroom, and you have to share the kitchen and sometimes bathroom with other guests in the house. Their advantage, beside the cost, is that they are usually located in the centre of the town or in its vicinity, or directly by the beach.
You can rent an apartment in a private house in the town, but there are also apartment complexes which are usually located a bit outside the town centre. These complexes include more houses with several apartments and the complex operates like a small, independent settlement.

Apartments are also categorized, like hotels, so depending on your needs and wishes they range from no star to 5 stars.

The only downside is that renting a room or an apartment doesn’t include any other services, so you’ll have to take care of providing food, cleaning and other household chores yourselves, although owners often provide clean linen and towels.